North Dakota State Board of Occupational Therapy Practice

The North Dakota State Board of Occupational Therapy Practice is a five member board appointed by the Governor to safeguard the public health, safety and welfare of the citizens of North Dakota.

Occupational therapy is the evaluation and treatment of individuals whose abilities to cope with the tasks of living are threatened or impaired by developmental deficiencies, the aging process, learning disabilities, poverty and cultural differences, physical injury or disease, psychological and social disabilities or anticipated dysfunction. 

The Board has adopted new rules for the supervision of Occupational Therapy Assistants. OTAs no longer have a specific time requirement that they need to be supervised. OTAs and the supervising OT should modify the supervision to the appropriate quality and frequency the OTA needs to ensure safe and effective OT service delivery.

Each OTA and supervising OT will need to make a written supervision plan to document the services provided by the OTA, the frequency and methods of supervision, and periodic evaluation. DO NOT SEND THE PLAN TO THE BOARD OFFICE NOW! OTAs should keep the supervision plan on file. This summer, the Board will send out letters to 10% of OTAs to submit their plan to the Board office to be audited. The audited plans will be reviewed by the Board for completion and sufficiency. The Board will only audit plans every 2 years but OTAs should have a new plan completed every year.

Supervision Plan Guidelines
Sample format for Supervision Plan


North Dakota State Board of Occupational Therapy Practice
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