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  • New NDBOTP Website!


    The Board is happy to reveal its new Board website! We hope you will find it easy to navigate and find information. The new website has new several new features:

    • Online verification - Employers and verfiication agencies will find this useful to verify OT and OTA licenses. 
    • Online license application - New applicants can now apply for a license online and pay with a credit card. 
    • Application status - New applicants can check their application status after they have either applied online or mailed an application form. 
    • Online name and address changes - Licenses can now update their name and address online. 
    • Online license renewal - Current licensees can now renew their license online and pay with a credit card. Online renewal will be open starting April 1, 2018. 
    • Printable license - Licensees can now print their license after the license is issued, renewed, a name is changed or anytime a copy of the license is needed. 
    • Board agendas and minutes - Now licenses and the public can keep updated on matters of the Board. 

    We hope you enjoy the new website. Please contact the Board office if you have any questions. 

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