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Application for Renewal of License

Applications and Fees

OT or OTA's licenses must be renewed using the online renewal form below. Read the important information below before renewing. 

Credit card payment must be remitted at time of renewal application submission.

Online Renewal Fee Schedule

April 1-June 1 for OT's   $ 150.00
April 1-June 1 for OTA's   $ 110.00
Submitted June 2-June 30 late fee   $ 100.00

Renewal Information

The North Dakota Board of Occupational Therapy Licenses expire each even-numbered year on June 30th. Please review the online renewal and correct any inaccurate information, so that our database can be updated with your most current information.

Renewals submitted June 1-June 30 are subject to a late fee.

Please refrain from using commas in your information. Just use a space to separate your address from the suite or apartment number. Please use only your mailing address. You do not need to use both the PO Box and the street address.

NOTE: The online renewal form will work best on a computer or laptop in Google Chrome or Internet Explorer. Using a cell phone or mobile device may cause problems with the renewal.

Required Documentation

What you need to complete the renewal:

Note: If your renewal went through, a receipt should appear on the screen. If you do not get a receipt, call the Board office to confirm the renewal.

  • To log in: Your last name, your ND license number, and the last four digits of your Social Security Number.
  • A credit card or debit card to pay the renewal fee.
  • Please ensure you have any documentation for any "yes" answers to the legal questions. The documents will be required to be uploaded.
  • Continuing education completion certificates.

Continuing Education

Please have your CEU information ready prior to beginning the online renewal. There will be a page within the form for the CEU information to be added and the certificates to be uploaded.

If you need more information regarding the Continuing Education please take review the requirements that are on the website.

CE Information Format

  • Continuing Education Hours - ONLY use Number Digits - Example 2, 3, 4, etc.
    • DO NOT use words such as hours or two.
  • Date format must use a mm/dd/yyyy format.

Jurisprudence Exam

During the online renewal application, you will be required to take the Jurisprudence Exam. The exam is over Law and Rules governing OT Practice in ND.

There is no passing score for the exam. The exam will tell you which ones you got wrong on the following page. Once you complete the exam, the renewal will proceed to the certification page.

The information can be found under the Regulations tab and in the quick links. The Board office is not able to give out answers to the test. The answers are all within the North Dakota Board of Occupational Therapy website.

OTA's Only

Please have your completed Substantiation of Supervision Form, signed by your main OT supervisor, ready to upload prior to beginning the renewal process. There will be a place to upload the form. If you need a copy of the form you may print the OTA Substantiation of Supervision form.

Save for later

During online renewal, please do not use the back button in your browser. To make a change to answers on a previous page or to review your renewal before submitting, please use the "Save for Later" button to save your renewal, log back in and access and review the previous pages. If at any time you wish to exit the process, please click the "Exit" button located at the bottom of the page.

If you will be away from your computer for any period of time after starting your online renewal, it is strongly advised that you click on the "Save for Later" button located at the bottom of each page to minimize the risk of losing the data that you have input into the system. You can then log back into the renewal at a later time by logging into the online renewal.

If you cannot renew online, please contact the Board office for a paper form. 

Renewal Information

Licensure Renewal Card

License certificates are no longer mailed out but you can Print Your License from the Board's website. Once you have submitted your renewal the form will be sent to the board for approval. Once the board has reviewed and approved your renewal you will receive an email the license is renewed. The email will include a link to print an updated licensure renewal card for your records. The card will reflect the updated expiration date.

Licensure Verifications

The verifications will be updated real time on the website. You may go online and verify your licensure status and information anytime by visiting the Verifications page.


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