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Continuing Education Requirements

Continuing Education Requirements

The North Dakota State Board of Occupational Therapy Practice requires documentation of continuing education upon application for license renewal.  All licensed Occupational Therapists and Occupational Therapy Assistants must acquire a minimum of twenty contact hours (2.0 CEU’s) within the twenty-four months prior to the date the completed application for renewal of licensure is received by the NDSBOTP office. Continued competency hours may only be used for one renewal of licensure period.

  • 20 contact hours are required if initially licensed after June thirtieth of the even-numbered year and before July first of the odd-numbered year.
  • 10 contact hours are required if initially licensed after June thirtieth and on or before December thirtyfirst of the odd-numbered year.
  • 0 contact hours are required if licensed on or after January first of an even-numbered year. Licenses will not renew there license until the following licensing period when the licensee is required to complete twenty contact hours and renew the license for that and each subsequent licensing period.

Calculation of hours

A contact hour for continuing education is based on a 50-minute hour. The minimum program length has been established as one contact hour. 

The equations listed below should assist you in understanding and calculating your hours:

1 contact hour = 50 minutes

0.1 CEU = 1 contact hour

0.2 CEU = 2 contact hours

1.0 CEU = 10 contact hours

2.0 CEU = 20 contact hours

Continuing Education Content

Continued Competency must

  • be directly related to or supportive of occupational therapy practice
  • enhance the occupational therapist’s or occupational therapy assistant’s professional development and competence
  • be specific to the applicant’s or licensee’s current area of practice or an intended area of practice within the next year.

Verification: A copy of the certificate, containing licensee’s name, program title, date(s), and contact hours, must be submitted with the application for renewal. If a certificate of completion was not granted for a specific program, the licensee must submit a completed Individual Licenseholder’s Continued Competency Attendance form signed by their supervisor.  This form can be printed from the board’s web site,, on the Continued Competency page.

Failure to comply with the continued competency requirements and renewal procedures as outlined in the Board’s rules can result in late fees and delay or denial of the renewal and may result in disciplinary action. The Board may waive or allow exceptions due to medical hardship or other extraordinary circumstances.

Late Renewal Applicants

When a practitioner has not been licensed for up to three years, they must submit with the renewal application and appropriate fees evidence of a minimum of twenty contact hours of continued competency earned within the twenty-four months prior to the completed application for renewal of license.

For More Information

Refer to ND Administrative Code 55.5-02-01-04 available on the Board’s website,, on the Laws and Rules page. 

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